Any new tattoos to come soon?

YEEEESS! i have one booked for next month, it was previously this month but i couldn’t make it so i re-booked it.
i’m so excited!
and there will definitely be a picture straight up as soon as it’s finished and i’m home c:

Hey I was wondering if you knew anything anbout inverted nipple piercings?

not much, but if you’re concerned talk to your local piercer! :)

you have a boyfriend now?

i do? omg this is news to me haha. who did you think my boyfriend was?

What would you do if you found out your ex-fiancé is cheating on his current girlfriend with random guys from craigslist? I feel bad for her and feel like she should know.

tell her but have proof, you need proof otherwise they definitely wont believe you. :)

doesnt it hurt your feelings that kane never posts about you? here or instagram? why doesnt he wana show off his gf?




its a bloody website no it doesn’t bother me and he does post about me on instagram if you look. 

he barely uses either website so no. 

plus we aren’t 16 we don’t need to show each off

It actually really annoys me that people assume that you must show your other half off to everyone to even have a valid relationship - fucking no kids, your relationship is between you and your partner not between you two and everyone else.

"show off his girlfriend" shes a fucking human not a prize pony.

I get asked all the time why rob and i don’t take pics or videos together constantly since we’ve lived together for 2 years. I’m like uh we have better things to do when we are together than to pose for pictures. I rather enjoy the time with him when we are off of work and school. Plus he doesn’t use any of his sites but I’ll get hate messages saying it’s a “fake” relationship. No we’ve been together for over 3 years. We have matching tattoos and we live together and have a cat together. There’s nothing fake about that. I hate people sometimes-_-