⋆Hello! I'm Sahara, 19 years old, otaku, vegetarian, a lover of creepy and cute shit⋆ I post body modifications, weird things, naked people, cats, supernatural, anime, butts, and cute things. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ / online users

About Myself

Whats your name?

How old are you?
I’m eighteen, and my birthday is 6th of September.

Where do you live?
Adelaide, Australia.

Are you single?
Yes ;~)

Cat says mind your own business.

Whats your sexuality?
I’m ~whatever~

Can you check out my blog?
Sure, just ask nicely and i will c:
But don’t be upset if i don’t follow back.

Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, i have 2 on the back on my thighs!

Do you have any piercings, if so what are they? did they hurt? do you want anymore?
I have my vertical labret done, nose pierced, navel, strawberries of my boobs and septum.
I used to have nose, tounge, and lip, angelbites and bridge 2x.

My angel bites hurt. Getting my bridge pierced the first time didn’t, the second time did. My nose didn’t. My tounge didn’t either. Lip killed because it wasn’t even pierced near my lip. Septum killed. But this is my experience, everybody’s different.

Yes, i want the other side of my nose pierced.

Why did you take out your piercings?

I felt like a change. When something happens in my life, most likely a big thing, i like to change myself :)
And also my bridge was getting these gross blood bubbles and wouldn’t heal so i took it out.

Do you ever go to school?
Back in school now!

Your mum has tumblr?! what is it? does it bother you that she has tumblr and does she care about what you post?
 Yes, and imnotheretojudge.tumblr.com
No, it doesn’t bother me, and no she doesn’t mind nor care about what i post.

How do you make your gifs, and what are the websites?
 I make them with gifninja.com ( best ever ) and makeagif.com.

Whats your theme?
 There is a button on my blog called “theme” it will take you to the person that made this theme.

Stop stealing photos! That’s my photo credit me, blah blah blah blah!
I find my photos all over the internet, and not every single one of them has the credit of who took it or who’s in the photo! So don’t get pissy!
And don’t expect me to know who you are to actually credit anyways.
If the picture is you or you’ve taken the picture or you know who he picture belongs to, let me know and i will credit or take it down if you want.

And i never claim the photos are mine unless i actually say “this photo is mine!” or if its tagged as mine!
Also im not the only one on the internet that puts pictures on their blog without credit, don’t get pissy over nothing!

Do not be a bitch about it, be polite and ill be nice back :-)

How do i make a “myself” page, where there are all pictures of me that i post?
Whenever you post a picture of yourself tag it as “Me” “myself” or whatever you want.
 And this is your page where all pictures you tag of yourself are http://YOURURL.tumblr.com/tagged/myself ( or me)
And then

<a href=”http://YOURURL.tumblr.com/tagged/myself">PICTURES OF ME</a>
 put that in your info box and when people click on the link it takes them to the page of pictures of you c:


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