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About Myself


113 and 414. My origin and my journey.

I have been obsessed with number patterns and number “stalking” for years, which is why I decided to use numbers as the basis for the symbolism in this tattoo. 113 (being my birthday, the 13th of January) represents my birth and where I came from, while 414 represents my future and my outlook on life. Basically, I began noticing the number 414 constantly as a young child, and I became kind of obsessed with it due to the fact that it “followed” me so often. (As someone who is pretty superstitious about such things, I took it very personally, and spent a lot of time looking into the significance of the number.) After researching it, I came to find that it was a symbol of universal expansion— meaning “limitless light”, or “fountain of life”. This touched me deeply because it reminded me of my mission in life— to always keep pushing my limits in the name of personal growth, and to always act towards positivity and light. It also reminds me of the “limitless light” within my own soul, as well as serving as a reminder of my personal potential (not to mention the incredible potential of human beings in general). So basically, it is a representation of my birth and the direction that I strive to pursue throughout my journey.